Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Practices for Blog Commenting

  1. Read the blog thoroughly and try to be on the blogger's page (i.e. clearly understand it)
  2. Start your comment by addressing the author/blogger by name
  3. Don't appreciate the author/blogger with oily words and leave no comment other than that (we all know today that they are actually spams)
  4. Try to add more information to the article, as if the article is incomplete or you are adding more contents and perspective to it
  5. Try to leave more value to the article, i.e. write such comment that the author/blogger thinks your article completes the post/article
  6. Don't insult, criticize the blogger and give your opposing opinion
  7. Engage the author/blogger in asking witty questions and/or opinions
  8. See other comments and pledge to post better comments than others
  9. Try to avoid misspellings, grammatical mistakes, technical jargons
  10. Write in easy to comprehend English, at High School Readability level
  11. Try not to use sentences that may have double meaning. There are more skimmers than readers. So, try to write for skimmers.
  12. Don't make the comment too long, use words economically (best use of limited resources)
  13. Always and always leave expert comments. If you are not an expert, then have an expert write your comments.


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